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QUdpSocket and priority

  • Hello. I write UDP server. Serever is started in the separate thread and receives packets every 20 mS. Thread has QThread::TimeCriticalPriority. Server reads data after readyRead() signal. When I start web-browser (Google Chrome or Firefox), packets are delayed. And packets received after delay time (delay spike). The delay time, which measured by WireShark is 250 mS. The delay time, which measured in the slot (I use QElapsedTimer), where I read data, is 800-900 mS. I think, delay is genereted in the socket thread (in the network module), which works with native socket for OS. When I start server, i see two new thread. First thread has TimeCriticalPriority (it's my thread). And second has normal priority (I think it's qt network thread, which started with qsocket). How can I increase the priority of this thread?

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