Question about Qt5 QtSystems and Qt Mobility systeminfo [SOLVED]

  • Please, can someody confirm, that method @QString uriForDrive(const QString &drive)@

    from class QStorageInfo from Qt5 "Qt System Info": (or maybe the same from Qt4 Mobility systeminfo module) works correctly in Windows OS?

    It works fine with linux (Qt Mobility module on my linux desktop),
    I've compiled Qt5-qtystems with mingw at Windows XP (without errors I guess) for my Qt5 libraries but for any disk I'm getting blank QString value...
    Also tested it at Windows 8 with Qt Libraries 5.0.1, qsystems from git and minGW 4.7 -- same problem, black uuid string.

  • This problem solved, I just should send correct drive string with backslash in Windows OS.
    Thanks to abbapoh (Qt Systems committer) for help.

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