QOpenGLPaintEngine vs. desktop OpenGL core profile

  • Hello, as the title suggest, my question is: will it be possible to use QPainter (backed by QOpenGLPaintEngine) with core profile?

    So far, I only managed a working QPainter with compatibility profile (gl version > 3.2). When switched to core profile, I got a black window and the following debug output:

    @QOpenGLShader::compile(Vertex): Vertex shader failed to compile with the following errors:
    ERROR: error(#272) Implicit version number 110 not supported by GL3 forward compatible context
    ERROR: error(#273) 1 compilation errors. No code generated

    followed by problematic shader source code


    Upon looking into the soruces, I found that the QOpenGLPaintEngine's stock shaders are missing the #version directive, causing shader compilation to fail in core profile. I managed to "hack" the #version in, but without success. I'm afraid the problem is deeper than that.

    My concern is only because I read somewhere that compatibility profile is not available on some platforms (OS X).

    My setup is: Win7 / MSVC2010 and current Qt 5.1 sources from git, configured with: -opengl desktop -no-angle.

  • No the QOpenGLPaintEngine is not usable with Core profile contexts at present. It is also likely quite some work to make it work with a core profile so I can't see it happening anytime soon.

    It is true that OS X doesn't provide OpenGL 3.2 Compatibility profile, however it does still provide OpenGL 2.x contexts and the QOpenGLPaintEngine works there.

    Similar story for QtQuick 2...

  • Thank you for the clarification.

    I have a followup question, maybe little offtopic. Can I have another QQuickView rendered into an offscreen FBO, without exposing the window? It seems QQuickWindow::setRenderTarget() is designed just for this. My idea is to have this auxiliary hidden window render my QML UI layer into an FBO and then re-use this FBO in my OpenGL 4.2 core profile renderer in the first QWindow.

    Should be in theory possible via context sharing, right? Thank you for any input.

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