How to create installer including QODBC

  • Hy to all
    I wrote a program that uses QODBC driver, everything works fine on my PC where I have Qt installed. But then I create an installer to export my program to an other computer. but when I open it I get the error Driver not Loaded Driver not Loaded! This error is generated from the function
    QSqlDatabase db=QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QODBC");

    someone has some idea?? do I have to include some files into the installer?? and if yes wich files??
    thank's for the help!!
    P.S. I' using Inno Setup Compiler to create the installer

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    Have a look at "deployment documentation": it tells you what dll's you need to put where.

    No problem with Inno Setup, you'll have to add some source lines with the plugins and dlls needed.

    Hope it helps

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