Qt creator with subdirs template

  • I am using qt creator with subdirs template. Actually I have a all_projects.pro based on subdirs template. I am listing in there a libs.pro and a couple of application .pro files. The libs.pro is again based on a subdirs template.
    This cascade should allow compiling all libs and applications in the same mode, debug and release and result in a homogenous setup.
    However, sometimes it does not seem to compile everything as assumed.

    The whole stuff is set up with shadow building. This results in different shadow build folders for debug and release. I went to either one started Mingw32-make with the makefiles there. First a clean and then simply mingw32-make.

    It looks that I have to use "minGW32-make release" for building the release versions. At least when I have started without release nothing happened even so I was pretty sure that there were updates for compilation (this was before clean).
    Now I have started in the debug shadow folder with "mingw32-make" and everything but one lib were compiled in debug mode. The single lib was compiled as release.

    I am wondering a bit what the reasons could be. I can live with adding always debug or release when calling the makefiles externally. However, it looks a bit strange with this whole setup.

    Is there an explanation for this behaviour?

  • Clearing all shadow folders and a qmake helped to do a homogeneous compilation.
    However, I am still wondering why the qt creator qmake structure got mixed up.

    I have added modules in the recent past to the libs and I have rerun qmake for those libs and not the entire setup. I did the same with switching between debug and release modes. however, I expected that the updates would be done in the proper section of the shadow folder parts.

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