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  • Hi all,

    I ported my project to Qt5 and tried to run it with MPICH2 (which works with Qt4). However, the problem is not really an mpi problem, so I chose to write in this forum. Basically only the process with rank 0 wants to start a GUI, the other do just background stuff. However, the process trying to start QApplication ends up with the following error message

    bq. monitorEnumCallback: Unable to obtain handle for monitor 'WinDisc', defaulting to 96 DPI.

    So, the GUI does not start when I run my executable with

    bq. mpiexec -n 1 program.exe

    with the mentioned message (even with n=1 process, which is actually classical mode), but it runs fine by just starting

    bq. program.exe

    Does anyone have an idea about that issue?


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