QFileDialog: Close the dialog box opened by getOpenFileName

  • Hello all
    I need to programmatically close the dialog box opened by QFileDialog:getOpenFileName.

    I know the parent window of the dialog.
    This code not work(dialog box not close):
    QList<QDialog*> widgets = findChildren<QDialog*>();
    QList<QDialog*>::iterator cur = widgets.begin();
    QList<QDialog*>::iterator end = widgets.end();
    for (;cur != end; ++cur)

    I use qt 4.7.4

  • QDialog::reject () - hides the modal dialog and sets the result code to Rejected. It does not close the dialog.

    You may want to try either close() or done(int r).

  • In my version qt functions reject() and accept() call done(). Call close() not close window.

    QFileDialog:getOpenFileName opens native MS Windows dialog. If set flag DontUseNativeDialog reject() will close dialog window, but I need native window.

    Qt code does not provide feedback?:
    QDialog modal_widget;
    modal_widget.setAttribute(Qt::WA_NoChildEventsForParent, true);
    modal_widget.setParent(args.parent, Qt::Window);

    bool hideFiltersDetails = args.options & QFileDialog::HideNameFilterDetails;
    OPENFILENAME* ofn = qt_win_make_OFN(args.parent, args.selection,
                                        args.directory, args.caption,
                                        qt_win_filter(args.filter, hideFiltersDetails),
    if (idx)
        ofn->nFilterIndex = idx + 1;
    if (GetOpenFileName(ofn)) {
        result = QString::fromWCharArray(ofn->lpstrFile);
        selFilIdx = ofn->nFilterIndex;


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