Great Job Opportunity for C++/Unix Software developer located in Bucharest !

  • Great Job Opportunity for C++/Unix Software developer located in Bucharest !
    Please send your CV's till April 8th.

    Nationality: Romanian citizens only
    Location: Bucharest
    Employment: full-time
    Please send your CV's to

    This job requires a C/C++ software developer responsible for software development, integration & testing together with related technical support in the context of development and implementation of technology solutions designed to meet customers` business need. The solutions envisioned to be developed / supported are for telecommunication field, especially mobile communication, in EMEA region. Challenging environment, with great learning possibilities and exposure to international projects in a top multinational company.

    Technical skills / Tools:
    -Software technologies: CORBA, LDAP, OpenLDAP
    -Programming languages: C/C++ on Unix/Linux (memory management, threading, synchronization, STL, sockets), bash/shell scripting, Java,
    -Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, any open source in-memory database
    -Development tools/Platforms/Frameworks: JNI, SVN, CVS
    -OS: Linux, HP-UX


    • Previous experience on OpenLDAP
    • Knowledge / experience of Telecom architecture and/or technologies, previous experience in telecom industry
    • Knowledge / experience of HP telecom applications.
    • German, French or other European language besides of English

    Soft skills:

    • Good or Excellent written and spoken English
    • Communication skills
    • Analytic thinking, a problem solving attitude
    • Ability to work in group and individually, self-sustainment
    • Accuracy
    • Self-motivation

    -minimum 5 years in software development, proven by references or examples
    -University degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business

    Please send your CV's to

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