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Windows7 32-bit: how do i COMPLETELY uninstall Qt 5.0.1?

  • hello,
    I want to completely uninstall my Qt 5.0.1 installation and any other references to it. I've been having tons of bug issues i've never seen before and i'm starting to suspect that it has to do with previous installations of Qt. Unfortunately, i'm not in a position to perform a reinstall of my OS, so i'm hoping that cleaning any trace of Qt on my filesystem would do the trick.

    Any tips?
    Thanks for your time.

  • Which operating system you are using?

    What have you tried so far ?

  • windows 7
    just an uninstall via control panel. I know there's some info in one of the directories like appdata, maybe others. possibly the registry for older installations. I was thinking i'd have to go through all of those and try to find stuff. I'm just not sure what i would need to look for, for 4.8 and 5.0

  • is there no one that can help? i find that odd...

  • So far I have removed older versions simply through the windows uninstall service. No reasons seen to worry. However, I have continued to use Qt either with newer versions or reinstalled a version again. You cannot easily moved Qt installs to another folder because of build-in path settings. However, AFAIK there not nasty things somewhere hidden.

  • i've never had problems with Qt but i encountered countless problems with 5.0.1 and i'm wondering if it has to do with install conflicts or something. I uninstalled last night and there were remains left around. so i manually deleted them. i also used the mingw build. I'm switching to an msvc build now. i did forget to look in places like %appdata% etc... but if i still have problems with 5.0.2, i'll be sure to delete what's left in there as well.

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