Is Qt Quick ok for building UIs for apps that use drawing tablet support? (like wacom tablets)

  • Hi, I'm starting to learn the Qt freamwork and want to build a sort of 2D animation app for desktop, is it Qt Quick the best choice for making the user interface, or is it more recomended to use traditional widgets for the job. For doing stuff like timeline/layers, color picker, drawing area, and most important the brush engine drawing on the canvas.

    Also, what about the wacom tablet support?, I heard that support for wacom tablets is being removed on Qt5, I have an intous4 and ubuntu and tried to run the tablet example, it runs, but nothing gets drawn when using the pen.

    Thanks in advance, I would appreciate a lot

  • It doesn't really matter, any tablet can emulate standard mouse actions. Anything you can do with a mouse you can do with a tablet, it might be more awkward but still.

    Considering wacom is pretty much the only professional graphics tablet manufacturer on the planet I don't see how and why would support for it be removed. You might be mistaken with windows 8, which uses a different interface for pen input that may not currently be supported.

    Qt Quick is by design intended for multi-touch applications, so fingers, no pen, and IIRC it doesn't even support tablet events at this point. That doesn't mean it can't be implemented, and in general development time with QML is much shorter.

  • I see, thanks for clarifying, and well, I know tablets can emulate mouse, but what I need is preasure/tilt values to be implementes in the app. Another questions comes to mind here, is it posible to combine the Qt Quick with traditional widgets?, let's say, I can make the canvas from QWidget and use Qt Quick to implement stuff like color picker, timeline and such, the only thing I will need here is mouse events

  • Yes, it is all perfectly possible.

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