Too many Qt dlls - do we need Ministro for other OS?

  • I just noticed that on my system, ignoring the dlls associated with the Qt framework itself, I have about 400 Qt dlls being used by various applications on my system, with a size of 3+ GB. A lot of the files are the same version, so there is a very high amount of redundancy.

    All this gets me thinking - it would be a good thing to have a tool similar to Ministro to avoid redundant files, have applications request the specific DLL version compiled with the specific compiler type and version from the tool to download and deploy so it is available to the entire system?

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    The model of deployment is evolving rapidly lately. For example in windows store apps on windows 8 you don't deploy libraries manually at all, instead the store is taking care of downloading the dependencies and keeping only single copy. I'm afraid a good model is a little bit of a moving target right now, at least on windows, but in general I agree that a solution is needed. Certainly it would cut a lot of questions about deployment on this forum and shrunk a lot of existing apps.

  • Yeah, it is not like deployment has been a breeze for new users...

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