Build project on MacOS 10.8 (CoreServices)

  • Hello everyone,
    I try build my source code on mac and I get this error:

    @i686-apple-darwin11-llvm-g++-4.2: CoreService: No such file or directory@

    @L/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.4/lib -framework ApplicationServices -framework CoreFoundation -framework Security -framework -framework -framework -lQtXml -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -lQtGui -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework Carbon -framework AppKit -lQtNetwork -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework -framework SystemConfiguration -framework -framework CoreServices -lQtCore -lz -lm -framework -framework -framework -lpthread@

  • AppKit, Carbon, CoreFoundation and other libraries are not found

  • Change QMAKESPEC from linux-g++ to macx-g++

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