QScreen with different graphics cards || QScreen and Xinerama?

  • Hi there,

    I just have the following problem:

    I have a machine with two nvidia cards and running a Xubuntu (11.10).
    Now what i am trying to do is spawn a window on my extended screen which is connected to the secondary graphics card.
    QGuiApplication::screens().size() returns 2 for my two screens which is correct so far. My secondary graphics card is running in a seperate X server (which is the usual way to do that i guess). But if i create my window as follows
    QWindow w(QGuiApplication::screens()->at(1)); w->show();
    The whole application crashes without any message! (is that normal?)

    Now i am using Xinerama to have it more "Windows like". But now QGuiApplication::screens()->size() returns 1, which is not correct in my oppinion. Is there another way to have access to the QScreen which represents the screen connected to my second graphics card?

    I also tried the virtualSiblings thing of QScreen but there is only one instance and it is the same as my primary screen!



  • I'm having the same problems with you as well.
    Under Qt5.3, in Xinerama mode, QGuiApplication::screens() only returns the single screen which is the union of all available screens. QScreen::geometry returns the union of all screen geometries.

    Under Qt 4.8, these calls worked as desired. However, I think with the major reimplementation in Qt5.3, things have changed.

    When I disable Xinerama, I can get the correct number of screens and geometry, but every time I try to open a QWindow set to another screen other than the primary, the window only pops up on the primary screen.
    I think it might have to do with that all my screens are running their own X servers and hence X displays.

    Any help on this would be appreciated as well.
    I can't open any windows other than on the primary screen with Xinerama disabled on my Ubuntu 12.04 workstation.

  • QDesktopWidget will only return the one screen in Xinerama mode.
    Under Qt 4.8, it used to return all the screens, but with Qt 5.3, it just returns a single screen. I'm hoping that calling virtualSiblings will give me access. Will try it out tomorrow.

  • Looks like in Xinerama mode, calling virtualSiblings on the single QScreen returned from QApplication::screens() also only returns a single QScreen instead of the multiple screens that make up the large virtual screen.

    It also appears that QDesktopWidget::isVirtualDesktop() also incorrectly returns false instead of true.

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