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Video in QMediaPlayer - "Media session serious error"

  • Hi all,

    I'm still struggling to get video to play properly in my QWidget-based window, which is then embedded into a QDeclarativeView. When I write a basic program which doesn't use QDeclarativeView, i.e. where the mainWindow is simply a QWidget-based window, everything works as expected, and the video plays correctly. However, in my QDeclarativeView-based code, when I've loaded the video into the QMediaPlayer, I get both "LoadedMedia" and "BufferedMedia" state changes through the mediaStateChanged signal, but then the state changes to "UnknownMediaStatus".

    Then, I get printed to the console: "handleSessionEvent: serious error = -1072875802" (I don't know who or what prints this). Finally, through the error() signal, I get the "Media session serious error." message. QMediaPlayer::error() returns QMediaPlayer::ResourceError at that point.

    Any idea what could be the problem here? My first guess is that I have to rewrite my application such that the player is no longer embedded into a QDeclarativeView, although I would like to avoid that if possible.


  • Which version of Qt on which platform are you using? I'm just seeing those messages after switching from Qt 5.0.1 to (self compiled) Qt 5.0.2. Before that I had no issues. Platform is Windows 8 here.

  • I'm using 5.0.1 on a Windows 7 machine.

  • I rewrote my code such that the QMediaPlayer is no longer embedded in a QML view, this window and its parents are strictly QWidget-based (there are other siblings which use QML, but that seems to be entirely isolated). This seems to eliminate the problem.

  • i got that error too,

    my qt creator version is 5.1.1

    But I soved that problem when i cut one line

    The line is below

    in the videoplayer.cpp,
    connect(&mediaplayer, signal(error(QMediaPlayer::Error)), this, SLOT(handleError()));

  • uh,,,

    i got that error again

    really don't know how to solve it
    when i build just example code it was fully working
    but it wasn't working when i copy to another project .

    i really do my best to solve the problem

  • anybody got the answer for this error

  • I am getting the same error with
    Qt 5.4.1 MSVC2013_64bit
    Qt 5.4.1 MSVC2013_64bit OpenGL

    I can't even play a simple avi like the one that comes with 64-bit Windows 7:

    playlist->addMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile( "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\ink\\en-US\\delete.avi"));

    Has anyone solved this problem yet? Looks like it's been two years since the first occurrence.

  • Looks like there is a bug about this but it doesn't like anyone is able to fix it.

    The bug was filed for Qt 5.0.2, 5.1.0 , 5.2.0, 5.3.2, 5.4.0.
    They should add 5.4.1 to the list too.

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