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No rule to make target `findsubtitleswindow.ui', needed by `.ui/ui_findsubtitleswindow.h'.

  • Hi, I am using QT5 to run a QT4 project, an error occurs as shown above, and in the .pro file, the line "FORMS += findsubtitleswindow.ui" exists.

    What is the problem?

    thanks a lot in advance!

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    Try to rerun qmake (Build->Run qmake), or, if that fails, clean the output directory and rebuild your project.
    Also make sure you have a QT += widgets in your .pro file. Qt5 moved widgets to separate library.

  • Hi, What Krzysztof says is perfect. What I usually recommend is to create a new project in QCreator that comes with Qt5. That will set all Qt library things automatic. Then a qmake execution will be done in default.
    The problem you discribe is almost always a qmake rerun or new project problem.

  • I do as Krzysztof says, but it fails. Maybe I shall create a new object with QT5.

    Thanks a lot, you guys.

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