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Deploying QT application on ARM board SBC6845(SAM9G45 processor)

  • I want to deploy an application on the above target board. I checked the documentations related to it, and after reading I am pretty much confused about the procedure. Can anyone explain the necessary steps

    Thank you

  • Well, it depends on your development system and the configuration of your arm board.
    But the steps are:

    • 1 Cross compile Qt binaries to run for the ARM arch.
    • 2 Place the compiled binaries on the board
    • 3 Cross compile your application for ARM
    • 4 Place the compiled application on the board
    • 5 Run the application!

    Some links:

    You could check the Internet for FriendlyARM: this is a arm based board. Check their forum, or search Google: this will give you a lot information.

  • Hi Ankit,
    Whether you got any solutions for the same ??

    To NL - Danny NL : I have tried the same procedure to run it for Zync board (Arm arch) whish has Linaro Ubuntu but not able to execute the apps.

    Is there anything I am missing apart from these steps.

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