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No automatic moc with Add-in in VS2012?

  • Hi,
    is it correct that the Visual Studio Add-in (version 1.2.0 and 1.2.1RC) isn't automatically generating the build rules for moc/uic/rcc when I insert Q_OBJECT macro?

  • Is noone using the new add-in with VS2012? :(

  • [quote author="D0IT" date="1364539440"]Is noone using the new add-in with VS2012? :([/quote]

    In general the feedback on vsaddin related topics is little in this forum. This is based on my experience over time. I suspect that most people are using Qt creator together with these compilers.

    I am using MSVC 2005 with vsaddin 1.1.11.
    I have done a short trial to verify, because I was not sure about the addin's behavior. In a Qt project I have added a normal class and added manually QObject and the Q_OBJECT macro in the header. To my surprise while compiling it picked up the change without any additional interaction. moc was called immediately.
    In a simple ms console project you would run into another issue that the QObject header file would not be found.
    Probably you should check and file a bug report on "JIRA.":

  • Thanks for the reply. I was working with VS2010 and the pre Qt5 add-in until a few weeks ago and everything was working fine there, too. However, we now have upgraded to VS2012, mainly because of the additional C++11 features and it's quite annoying to work without the Build steps being generated automatically.
    The Qt Bug Tracker was the first place, where I was looking for information about this and was already wondering why noone had complained about it yet. Thus, I thought it mighy be something wrong on my installation and just wanted to get some feedback here first.
    I think I'll file a report there shortly and see what information I can get from there.

  • It is certainly a good idea to check first in this forum.
    As already noted above there are no many paying attention to vsaddin issues in this forum.
    After being accustomed to msvc for a very long I decided to use for C++11 features and therefore I have started to use Qt creator with MinGW. Actually the main reason was also to have the same IDE for my rare excursions to linux platforms. ;-)

    When you have filed the bug report, it is always good to post the report number here. This gives others the opportunity to vote for it which raises the level of importance. Even so, this might be less the case for vsaddin :(

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