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    I would like to ask for tips and recommendations of a tablet that could run Qt and opengl apps developed in it. I am rather clueless as to what I should be looking for primarily whether it is strong CPU, lots of RAM, disk size... As the Android OS is unsupported by Qt it disqualifies large segment of the market and leaves me with Win8 or Mac OS X (or Ubuntu possibly?). Since the target platform is pretty much Windows I would probably like a tablet with that OS that would be reliable and could run Qt smoothly.

    Thanks for help!

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    Hi and welcome to DevNet,

    Android is in the process of becoming a Tier 1 platform for Qt and there are already a bunch of programs available made using Qt 4. Search for the Necessitas project. There was also a "preview of Qt 5 on android not long ago":

    So pretty much any tablet running android (YMMV) can run a Qt app. I am not aware of any Apple tablet running OS X (although there was a company making something like a tablet from a MacBookPro)

    IIRC Windows 8 Metro UI support is on the works but classic application should work.

    Hope it helps

  • It definitely does, thank you, I am really excited about the news that Qt5 is coming to Android probably very soon including OpenGL support. It gives me some time to think and choose a tablet best suited for me and hopefully for Qt5.1 too.


  • Yeah, but at this point there are no guarantees when will this process be completed. It will likely take a few more months until Android support ramps up on supported features.

    You could also get an Atom based tablet - they are in the same price range as the more popular Android brands, but there are also a lot of Chinese Android tablets that are pretty cheap - usually compromising on the display and going for a TN matrix instead of IPS.

    The upside to Atom tablets is you get windows, and not RT, but the real deal - you could put Qt on it and use it for development as well. The downside is current generation Atom tablets support only 2 gigs of ram, which is not great. Also the Atom is not very fast, still faster than A9 based ARM cores, but slower than A15. That is not great either.

    Or you could get an i5 or i3 based tablet - they are usually with 4 gigs of ram, there might be a few with even more ram. Plus the CPU is much, much faster than the Atom. The downside - batter life is usually lower, and the price is significantly higher than Atom tablets.

  • Also interesting perhaps, is to get yourself a blackberry Playbook. It runs Qt natively.

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