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Qt WebKit in chroot

  • Hi,
    This is my first post regarding the Qt webkit, currently I want to the run the Qt web browser example application inside the chroot, so I have duplicated all the required resource inside the chroot directory. And Qt web browser is working fine if I do the:

    $mount –bind /proc /PATH_TO_CHROOT/proc (so Qt browser inside chroot can access the rootfsys /proc)

    But due to the secure reason, I don’t want do this mount. Without this /proc mount to chroot, qt browser will crash (segmentation fault) when browsing some website such as I checked on the Qt webkit source code, it indicates it really need to access some file in /proc, such as /proc/self, (actually without mount the rootfsys /proc, chroot directory has own /proc but it is very minimize and seems not sufficient to be used for Qt web browser app.)

    So my question is: Can we run Qt browser inside chroot but without mount the /proc in chroot? Or Can we only expose the required /proc into chroot instead of mount the entire /proc?

    Thanks and best regards

  • No, you definitely need /proc mounted. You can try to bind /proc instead of mounting it, this may work...

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