Qt service plugin not loading (QtServiceFramework)

  • Hi All,

    I am developing a service plugin for QtServiceFramework for ARM based Platform.

    I am trying to load a service plugin which is a .so from a client application. I am getting the below error.


    Plugin not found.

    But the plugin is available in the "/usr/local/Trolltech/Qtmobile-1.2.2/plugins/serviceframework/*.so". I also cross checked the name of plugin everywhere it is used and it matches.

    So I tried to load the NotesManagerplugin example available with QtServiceFramework source code.

    The client to this plugin is sfw-notes which tries to add the service to serviceframework using QServiceManager::addService(/path/to/xml). But unfortunately this fails with below error.


    "Library serviceframework_notesmanagerplugin.so not found!"

    please be sure that your library is in one of the following path:

    • "/usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.8.4-arm/plugins/"

    • "/usr/local/Trolltech/Qtmobile-arm-1.2.2/bin/

    • "/usr/local/Trolltech/Qtmobile-1.2.2/plugins/serviceframework/"

    But library is available in the third location mention ablove.

    But when I try to add service using servicefw tool, I am able to add the service and can see that service using servicefw browse command.

    My question is why am I not able to add the service using the sfw-notes client application.

    NOTE: I am trying all this in ARM based embedded device.

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