MinGW-builds compiling 4.8.4 fails on includes using apostrophe

  • Folks, I've encountered this crazy problem, which I haven't been able to solve so far. I will try to describe it as best I can, but it might be a little confusing.

    Using mingw-builds x32 4.7.2 along with msys from the same source.

    Qt configure.exe creates Makefiles which contain apostrophes to enclose include paths, i.e. -I'<path>'.

    Running jom under cmd.exe results in file not found.

    Running make under mintty/bash works fine until one runs out of memory on WebKit.

    My question has two parts:
    a) is it possible to force Qt configure.exe to generate Makefiles using -I"<path>" instead of apostrophes?
    b) is there a way to teach jom -> g++ to recognize paths enclosed in apostrophes?


  • So I went through the header and source files and I found out that you cannot have sh.exe in your system path.

    affecting method static QStringList detectShellPath() in qmake\option.cpp
    affected method MingwMakefileGenerator::MingwMakefileGenerator() in qmake\generators\win32\mingw_make.cpp

    However, I am still interested in knowing why mingw g++ run under cmd.exe ignores includes defined as -I'<path>', i.e. using apostrophes, but accepts either -I<path> or -I"<path>". When run from a shell, all is nice and dandy.

  • Another update:

    Building WebKit stops at a certain point with an error due to trying to include -lQtWebKit instead of -lQtWebKit4.

    And it also started using apostrophes instead of double quotes.

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