QQuick(PaintedItem) inside a flickable

  • As follow up to this : http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/25805/

    I'm using a QQuickPaintedItem, drawing some lines.
    Now, I want to put it inside a flickable and update the drawing depending on the scroll position.
    I see that paint () is not called at each frame, so I don't know how to tell the item to repaint when the flickable scroll position is changed.

    (at the moment I tryed doing something like this, but seems a little weird)

    • have the QQuickPaintedItem "outside" the flickable, having it's size (anchors.fill : flickable)

    • draw the item each 300ms, via update()

    • bind the X position of the item to the flickable "contentX", so it basically scrolls the already-painted items without re-calling paint ()

    • everytime I trigger the timer , update the item () , and reset the X of the item to "0"

    If make the item bigger than the flickable, I can get a smooth scrolling without seeing the updates (though there is some flicker when the X position is reset).
    I feel this is not the correct way to do this!

    as an alternative option: is it possible to get an QSGNode low-level geometry out of a QPainter ? Maybe in this way I could transform the nodes depending on the contentX position, but I don't want to loose the QPainter benefits

  • I am also curious if there is a way to "borrow" the geometry QPainter generates when used on a OpenGL paint device, that could prove useful and save math headaches.

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