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Direct FB and Qt

  • Hi,

    What are the supporting plug-in' s or features Qt is having to develop application for direct FB.
    I am planning to develop a simple game or application by using qt which should run on direct FB.
    I understand that games and apps are developed in Qt using Graphics View Framework (QGraphicssView,QGraphicsScene,QGraphicsObjects).

    i wonder if i use the same ,will it work on DFB?

    Please provide some info on what Qt needs (Plug-ins or tools) to develop applications/games which runs on DFB.
    Also point out which things are available bydefault and which needs to enabled for DFB

  • Add to that,

    are there any applications/games developed specific to X11 or DFB , is it possible?
    in my understanding apps/games must run independent of underlying window system.

  • To be honest; I would expect a topic like this in the 'Embedded' section instead 'General and Desktop'.
    The documentation states 2 options:

    • Set Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen for each widget
    • Use QDirectPainter

    Check documentation "here":

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