Strange behavior of QBasicAtomicInt::testAndSetRelease

  • I am working on some code which ,after holding an exception returns 0. And after that executes some code ,which eventually throws exception: The call stack is :

    @QBasicAtomicInt::testAndSetRelease(int expectedValue, int newValue) Line 381
    QMutex::unlock() Line 382 + 0x11 bytes@
    Looks like it happens from QMetaObject::activate@ it calls QMutex::unlock() twice. Is it always twice?

    In the code the debugger points to the exit of function :QBasicAtomicInt::testAndSetRelease(int expectedValue, int newValue). The values of expectedValue and newValue are strange (non valid) - 2806644 and 63243056

    I have no idea how to proceed with that and investigate where /what causes to this behavior. Any advices?

    P.S. For me theoretically it looks like mutex which was not locked is unlock ....But if it is even correct - I have no idea how to find what mutex is that and what causes such behavior

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