Enabling WebRTC : getusermedia is not working...

  • Hi everyone,
    In my project i want to enable webRTC in my browser. But i want use qt4.8 only. I can't use qt5. so i have downloaded qtwekit2.3 which have the support for webRTC. I have complied it for qt4.8 successfully by enabling the media-stream (webRTC) (using Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --media-stream --no-webkit2). I have written a sample HTML5 page for testing the new webkit.
    When the getusermedia function is called error code saying NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR is giving. What can i do to make it working.
    I am using ubuntu for building. Thanks in advance.

  • Try to add video option when you invoke build-webkit script.

  • [quote author="SergeyLenski2392" date="1363795755"]Try to add video option when you invoke build-webkit script. [/quote]

    isn't the video is enabled by default..

    I have enabled video But during compilation It show an error(Warning) addMedia fn is not used. i removed this error by removing -Werror and compiled. got the so file but the result is same.
    I have build it using the command
    Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --media-stream --media-source --media-capture --video --no-webkit2

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