Starting with the Qt Quick Tutorial...

  • ...dated February 28, 2013, entitled "Introduction to Application Development with Qt Quick Release 1.0..."

    On pages 5/6, it instructs me to create a new project and select Qt Quick UI* project type. This isn't available to me, and while there is a "Qt Quick 1 Application," the files it says it will create aren't consistent with those listed in the tutorial. Am I missing something, or is the document out of date (seems doubtful)?


  • Well it is using an older version of creator so it is outdated. After Qt 5.0 was released the templates had to be renamed to reflect the versioning and I suppose the tutorial did not re-create all the screen shots after Qt5 was out. It shouldn't really matter to the rest of the content though.

  • OK, so which should I select for following the tutorial as mentioned in section 2.2?

    • Qt Quick 1 Application (Built-in Elements)
    • Qt Quick 2 Application (Built-in Elements)
    • Qt Quick 1 Application (from Existing QML file)

  • Qt Quick 1 with built-in elements

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