Get/Set cookies from qml

  • Hi all:
    I am writting a client program. When I login, the server will send some cookies to me in the 'Set-Cookie' header field. I need to get the cookies, because the rest of the request will need them.

    I try to get the cookies with xmlhttprequest.getResponseHeader("Set-Cookie"), but failed. I don't want to use C++, so could it be possible?

  • That's impossible from QML. There is code in quite low level that basically prevents cookies. That code is done because of security issues but is completely irrelevant to QML.

  • QML is not a browser, it doesn't have any cookies.

  • imihajlov, what if I want to write browser using QML?

  • If you want to write a browser you should make some low-level c++ components that make cookies and everything available from QML :)

  • Exactly. While there is no reason why that shouldn't be possible using pure QML.

    P.S. Maybe that's possible using webkit but that's different topic.

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