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Multiple QMediaPlayer objects : setVolume affects others

  • Hello, in my applications i have 2 QMediaPlayer objects and i wanted to do a fade between them.

    But i just realized that if i change the volume of the first object, then the volume of the second object changes.

    Is this normal? Maybe all the QMediaPlayer objects run from the same "sink/output" (i remember from the phonon things like that in the description) so setting the volume actually changes the volume of the "sink"?

    Or is this a bug?

  • I didn't notice you posted this just a few hours before my (slightly different) post. I've noticed this same issue also occurs between 1 QMediaPlayer object and 1 QVideo object.

  • at least it does not happen only in me.. even updated Qt to 5.0.1 but same behavior.. Let's wait for an answer from someone who knows.. but i think that this has to be filed as a bug.. it's absolutely NOT normal

  • please an answer from someone that knows something

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