Qmake, mananging large projects with many repostitories

  • So we started a new project and we are having trouble making a good layout for our project.

    Part of the problem is we are using mercurial and subrepos, we have a repo that just pulls down our projects so our structure is a little strange.

    -project repo
    -common lib repo
    -common lib 2 repo
    -application (depends on common) repo
    -application 2 (depends on both commons) repo

    the idea seemed pretty simple but setting it up seems a little wonky, the idea was to get the majority of the project files into the project repo. But this creates an issue with a semi hard coded path in the common libs .pro file because the project repo might change depending on the application.

    To me this seems very messy, and I might just scrap the idea of multiple Main Repos for different projects. Each common lib is also derived of multiple smaller libs, and configuring them seems to be a mess for individual applications. This is the first time I've set up a project and would like to get some advice on a simple yet robust way of setting this up. Thanks!

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