QWebPage setContent -> don't load images

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the function "setContent".
    I want to create a HTML page from different html files:
    if(listnews.isEmpty()) {
    htmlcontent.append("No news available!");
    } else {
    for(int i=0;i<listnews.count();i++) {
    QFile file(newslocation+listnews.at(i));

    listnews is a QStringList with html-filenames in a folder newslocation on my harddrive.
    The html files has a refence to an image located in the directory newslocation as the html files.

    When I use now something like

    I can see the text content without the images file.

    With @ QFile file(newslocation+"index.html");
    if(file.exists()) file.remove();

    I can see the images, but I have the problem, that I have to write a index.html file, what I don't like to do.
    Is there a way to load the Content through the setContent function with loading the images in the folder newslocation ?

  • Also before opening the file "index.html"
    qDebug() << "File remove" << QFile::remove(newslocation+"index.html");@

    Doesn't work.
    So it append all the time the last content -.-

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