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QGLWidget vs QGraphicsScene in QMainWindow

  • Hi all!

    I am a beginner in Qt. So any help and details would be really appreciated. I want to create a software consisting of a main window
    and an OpenGL area as the central widget. For example something similar to Blender, 3d Studio Max, etc... I have made one version with the QMainWindow and the QGLWidget as the central widget which works ok. However, looking at the boxes example, I have made another version with the QMainWindow and the QGraphicsScene (with its QGraphicsView) as the central widget. In this later version, application starts but the opengl area is freezed. Nothing moves. What is the suggested method? Keep in mind that my final target is to create an application where the user will be able to load the geometry from a file and draw it in the 3d window, rotate it, zoom in out, etc. Do you have any example similar to this to suggest? I can provide more details if it is needed.

    Thank you in advance!

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