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Where to get full Qt 5.0.1 IDE on raspberry

  • Hi there, welcome new noob :D

    recently i bought raspberry i found a Qt IDE for it. It's one great thing to use it!
    i must tell in the beginning that i am a windows guy, so i installed Qt 5.0.1 on windows, full IDE with creator and so on. i also isntalled same IDE on raspberry pi, but old version only is available.
    i got on pi qt 4.8 with qt creator 2.5. with simple command "sudo apt-get install qtcreator".
    i develop my app using windows machine, and when some amount of code is added
    i simply move with usb stick this code do raspberry, open it with QtCreator there and compile & run.
    everything is just fine, but i would like to have same versions of Qt & Qt creator on raspberry
    amd i simply cannot find any install or hint how to compile it.
    i tried official guide for beginners on ocmpiling Qt5, spend hours on catching errors in script
    and finally it compiled... but to my dissapointment it gave only libs for raspberry,
    and no executable qtcreator or anything. maybe someone there knows where my i find latest binaries of qt5 and qtcreator 2.6.2 for raspberry to install, or maybe some instructions or script to compile it from sources? im noob to linux, but getting used to it quite quickly ;)

  • Hi there!
    I think there is no QtCreator compatible with Qt5 on Raspberry PI, but I'm not sure.
    Please somebody confirm me about this.

  • Have you tried to compile your own native build as shown in these instructions? You should then be able to point the QtCreator to this version of Qt5.


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