OpenGL shows black screen when using CMAKE system in QT5

  • Hi,

    I got the texture exemple and port the build system to CMAKE. But when I run it shows a black screen. I’m using QT5.

    Does everyone know something about it??

    Here is my CMAKE code:




    QT5_USE_MODULES(QtTexture Core Widgets OpenGL)


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    there is no need in double posting in this forum. Even so your "other post": has more text

    Probably you need to line out a few things.
    Does cmake end successfully?
    Do you get the black when starting your application?
    How do you start your application?

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    Additionally to what koahnig asked, your opengl code would also be useful.

  • Hi.

    The CMAKE end sucessfully. The code compiles but the GLWidgets shows a black screen. I don't know what is the problem because the draw function is called normally.

    The opengl code is the QT texture example.. Nothing more.


  • Hi Koahning and SGaist.

    Thanks for the help and the information. I've found the problem. It seems that I can not link the QT project with the standard OpenGL lib. I need to link with the libOpenGLES.lib that is inside the QT lib path.

    Now the application is running correctly. But it's a strange behaviour because. It seems that the QT does not work well with the standard OpenGL32.lib.

    The error was in this line of the CMAKE commands "TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(QtTexture OPENGL32 GLU32 GLEW32)"


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    IIRC, Qt 5 comes built for OpenGL ES/Angle on windows. If you want desktop OpenGL you have to rebuild Qt yourself

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