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System-wide Linux Qt QSS Themes

  • I'm searching for any Qt themes for the Linux desktop that:

    are not dependent on KDE's, QtCurve, or any other Qt theme engines separate from vanilla Qt libraries,

    are comprised mainly of QSS (Qt stylesheets),

    are designed to be used with any Qt application (system-wide).

    If there aren't any, is it possible/feasible? I'm using a tiling window manager and would like for my application focus to be on Qt rather than GTK+, and would like to design a custom theme.

    In a way I'm looking to design a theme in the same way you can for GTK3, but for Qt. I already know about theme conversions from GTK+ (I think just GTK2?) to Qt but that isn't an appealing route for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bump. Same problem here. Actually I'd be glad to get some documentation on QSS files and the whole theming structure.

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