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QMAKE_POST_LINK in the subdirs template project. Or how can I run any commands after build of the ALL projects?

  • Could you please advise why QMAKE_POST_LINK doesn't work in the subdirs project?

    There is following subdirs project:
    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered

    SUBDIRS += project1
    SUBDIRS += project2

    #copy Qt dll's to the deploy directory
    QT_DLLS +=

    DEPLOY_DIR = $$PWD/deploy

    win32:QT_DLLS ~= s,/,\,g
    win32:DEPLOY_DIR ~= s,/,\,g

    QMAKE_POST_LINK += $${QMAKE_COPY} $${FILE} $${DEPLOY_DIR}$$escape_expand(\n\t)

    This QMAKE_POST_LINK command works correct in the project1 or project2.

    And is there any way to run any command after build of the all projects in the subdirs project?
    I need also to run batch and bash files after all project's build.

  • You can add a custom build step after the 'make' step in order to run batch or bash script files.

    However, to I also am in need of using something like QMAKE_POST_LINK in a subdirs project and would love to see an answer to your post.

  • ... because there is no "link" step in a subdirs template project. If you were building an "app" project, then you could use the QMAKE_POST_LINK, but in a subdirs project, it is ignored.

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