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Cross-compile not working.

  • Hi

    I want to "build Qt5 for Raspberry": but for some reason it doesn't detect the compiler correctly and gives me the "-reduce-exports was requested but this compiler does not support it" error when running ./configure. The actual cause is that $TEST_COMPILER (for testing -fvisibility and other features) is empty. Had a closed look and looks like QMAKE_CXX is never set.

    Actually, QMAKE_CXX is set by devices/common/linux_device_pre.conf


    but the function

    @getXQMakeConf QMAKE_CXX@

    never gets called and even if called, the QMAKE_CXX get's losty somewhere in it (probably in the AWK mess).


  • And indeed it is lost in awk. I just spent the whole day to find out that letter x is not in between a...z in Estonian alphabet. So, doing awk [A-Z] will not match "X" if you are running Estonian locale or maybe others as well. Thus QMAKE_CC will match but not QMAKE_CXX.

    For now I changed all [A-Z] to [A-Y] but I have no idea what to do as a general fix :)


  • You might want to file a bug report on "JIRA.": I googled a bit and found quite quickly another language with the "Z" at an earlier position as well. So, it might be a more common problem than it is realized by 95% of the programmers.

  • Thank you. Reported the bug: "QTBUG-31380":

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