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QDialog and QOpenFileDialog

  • Who meet such situtation. I have dialog with several QLineEdits, and from which i open QOpenFileDialog with parent instance this dialog ( but as managed it doesn't make sense, i meen who is parent ). And as soon as dialog opened, some of QLineEdits clear there text.

    Also what i noticed, that all my QLineEdits lays in QFormLayout, and there labels which get cleared, they all html reach text.

    Who meet such sitatation ?

  • QOpenFileDialog? I cannot find such class in qt 4/5. Is this kind of 3rd-party library?

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    I think the means the normal QFileDialog :)
    If your file dialog is supposted to be modal you can set the form widget as a parent and open the dialog in a central place.
    If you allow multiple file dialogs to be open at the same time you can choose the corresponding line edit as a parent widget.

  • Yeah sorry, i mean QFileDialog

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