Externally modified

  • qt creator wont ask for update files that have been externally modified.

    how can i make him spot the changes and ask me to update the files..

    BTW in the option->enviroment->when files are externally modified
    i chose "always ask"


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    Works for me on all platforms. Which version of Qt Creator are you using? What operating system?

  • Hello,

    I have a similar issue on Linux. The message to inform that a file has been externally modified occurs after 2 minutes. For information, my project contains 20.000 files.
    If I create a new project with 100 files, the message occurs more quickly.

    I use QT creator 2.70 (64-bits), on Linux RHEL 6, kernel 2.6.32-131.0.15.el6.x86_64.


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    [quote author="Gregos" date="1367258565"]For information, my project contains 20.000 files.[/quote]
    i just have to ask: Why? Just why would you do this?! :)

  • Yes I know there are too many files. I removed 80% of the files. Now I have "only" 2000 files and I cannot removed an other files of my project. All the 2000 files are required to browse the code and to navigate from a function to another function.

    If I would like just open and edit, I would use emacs or gvim. But I need of the feature of Qt Creator.

    When I said, my project contains 2000 files, It does not mean that I open 2000 files in the same time. It means there are 2000 files in my project, but 2 files only are opened and I need to wait more than 2 minutes to know that one of my 2 open files has been modified.

    I expect that the time to inform that a file on disk has been modified does not depend of the number of files in the project but depends of the number of opened files.


  • A newer kernel might make a difference: The file-change notification APIs have come a long way since 2.6.

    Do you have your project files on a NFS share or are you using lots of symlinks (there are version control systems that do that)? Both will seriously effect the time it takes creator to see changes.

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