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  • Hi,

    I build Qt5 succsessfully from opensource src and already combinded it with my application. I added a 3rdParty/Qt Folder in my application and added include, lib and bin from the qtbase folder of my build directory. I work with VS 2012 and added includes, bin and libs to my project. Furthermore, I copied all needed dlls to the output dir and my application runs fine.

    Unfortunatly, when I delete the folder, in which I initially build qt from, my application doesn't start anymore, because it says
    "Failed to load platform plugin "windows". Available platforms are: "

    I tried around and found out, that the crutial point is the deletion of the plugins folder in the qtbase folder. I tried to move it into different places in my application, but that doesn't solve the problem.

    Any ideas, where to start?

    Kind regards,

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    You need to copy qwindows.dll to <your app bin path>/plugins/platforms or similar (might be platforms/plugins, I always get confused about that ;)).

  • Hi,

    that worked, but the folder is <your app bin path>/platforms, if someone gets similar problems.

    Thank you

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