Problem Building. Changing project from Qt SDK 2010.05 to Qt 4.7.4.

  • I have a project built in the Eclipse Helios IDE that is using Qt SDK 2010.05. Everything work fine, but circumstance has made it such that I need to change it to Qt version 4.7.4. I already have 4.7.4 installed and working with another project, so I added 4.7.4's bin and include paths to eclipse under Preferences->Qt and set it as the default version.

    I decided to just make a new Qt Console Project and copy all of the source files over from the project I want to convert. I've checked the .pro file and the Makefile and they are using the paths to the 4.7.4 version of Qt. From the Makefile:

    @QMAKE = c:\Qt\4.7.4\bin\qmake@

    However, when I go to build the project I get the error:
    @Error launching builder (make debug )
    (Cannot run program "make": Launching failed)@

    I'm not too savvy with settings needed to compile a project, so I am wondering if anyone else would have an idea about what my problem is?

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    Judging from "c:", you are on Windows. Make most probably does not exist there. It's either mingw32-make or nmake. Surprising thing is that it works for other projects. I'm not using Windows or Eclipse, so I can't help much more than making this observation, though :)

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