Examples in qt 5.0.1 is empty (examples-manifest.xml is missing)

  • Hello,

    I downloaded and installed the QT 5.0.1 from source in (windows 7, Visual C++ Express) 64 Bits environment. So far everything is working properly but Welcome-Examples. I've been searching for and 'guess' that is missing an examples-manifest.xml in my examples directory (C:\Qt\5.0.1\qtbase\examples). I am newbie and so I would like to know what is wrong in my configuration line below which forbad to build the xml file in the examples folder. I'm not sure the option "-make" is write below... despite the fact that the things is going write.

    configure -developer-build -debug-and-release -opensource -platform win32-msvc2010 -make examples -make tools -make libs

    Anyway, does someone have the -manifest.xml for this version of QT source to post here to me?

    (As an updated I'm using the QT Creator version: qt-creator-windows-opensource-2.6.2.exe.)


  • This is a bug QTBUG-29374 - Unresolved 5.0.2 (Next Patch Release) - > https://bugreports.qt-project.org/br...rversion/12607, we need to wait.


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