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Excel to QT (importing to QT)

  • First of all, I'm not developing content really but the company I work for uses a QT based software. I work as a translator for them and I'm having a bit of a problem here.

    They sent me an excel file (.CSV format) to work on...because there were many things to correct on previous translations, I'm translating from English to Spanish so special characters are a must. I converted the file to an XLSX so that I could use some filters and colors. Now they are telling me that I need to upload every change I make manually...and doing that would take an eternity.

    I thought, and understood form emails and I guess just assumed, that as they could send the

  • This "link": will help you how to deal with excel files.

    Concerning .CSV files, I have implemented a reader/parser months ago and you can find it in "QtSimplify": . Dealing with CSV files is a bit difficult with QString::split() or QRegExp as they violate the rules in CSV parsing so I created a different approach. I think it will maintain special characters since it was based in QTextStream and QChar, just modify it.

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