Debugging script code with QScriptEngineDebugger

  • Hello Qt community!

    I am having a rough time and some guidance would be great!

    I am trying to use the QScriptEngineDebugger to debug some script code that is being evaluated by a QScriptEngine I have.

    The thing is that a new thread is created and in there the QScriptEngine is evaluating the script code, so when I try to trigger the QScriptEngineDebugger while the evaluation as soon as some registered script function is evaluated(and processed in another thread) I get an exception.

    Also I tried to attach and instantiate the QScriptEngineDebugger in the same thread as the QScriptEngine but I could not trigger the QScriptEngineDebugger before evaluation because I wasn't in the main GUI Thread, so this is why I have the debugger and the script engine in different threads.

    Also just to check if I was using the QScriptEngineDebugger in the right way, I tested it in the same thread as the QScriptEngine and everything was running OK.

    So I am not sure what would be the correct way to try to use the QScriptEngineDebugger with different threads involved in the ScriptEngine evaluation function.

    Really any comments or information is very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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