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[Suggestion][Blog] How about allowing devnet regular users to blog?

  • Currently only the admins can blog. How about providing a feature to allow regular users to create their own blog?

  • [quote author="chetankjain" date="1292551049"]feature to allow regular users to create their own blog?[/quote]

    Or a way to aggregate the already existing blogs, like a 'planet' :-)

  • +1 for the "planet" option

  • I think a blog option within a group could be very useful

  • We have been discussing this. In general, I like the idea of giving users the option to blog or at least to aggregate their blogs somehow. If only via RSS feed into the group stream.

    There are no such plans at the moment though. Marius and myself will have some quality time together early next week to look at all the feedback we received and to decide where we want to take the DevNet during the coming months. Let's see what we come up with.

    No promises, the idea also has legal implications we will have to sort out.

  • It can be similar solution what Forum Nokia provides to Forum Nokia Champions.

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