Qt 5 QWidget consumes mouseDoubleClickEvent

  • Hi, I'm currently porting my application (VACALACa) form Qt 4.8.0 to Qt 5.0.1 and I'v noticed following issue.
    QWidget in Qt 5 (Qt 5.0.0 as well) consumes mouseDoubleClickEvent i.e. parent widget doesn't receive it.
    For comparison contextMenuEvent works fine (same as in Qt 4.8.0).
    I'm wondering if it's "by desing" or should I report a bug?
    Have anyone encountered this issiue? I couldn't google out any similar problem reported.

    I've found the change that is the root cause and it looks like a bug so I've reported it: "QTBUG-30065":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-30065

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