Help me on Android Development. (Please Please Read)

  • I've found a plugin on Qt5 named Android... I don't know how to use that. Can anybody explain me please?
    I want to develop applications for Android with Qt5...
    My Questions:

    1. What is Android plugin? How to use that?
    2. Do I need necessitas and Ministro ? (I'm using Qt5)
    3. How to generate .apk ?
    4. Can I use Android native components on QtQuick or QML?

    I'm new to Android development so please help me...

    Thank You :-)

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    Just wait. Android plugin will become official in Qt5.1. You can probably read about it in documentation snapshot for 5.1.

  • Thanks for reply...
    Someone told me that using the Android plugin I can debug my app on Android device. I don't know how... :-|
    When I connect my Android device with my PC (Windows 8) I can't find my Device on Qt Creator...

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    Ugh, I don't know about Windows. That's a nasty platform. But Android SDK and NDK are available there, so ADB should work. You need to download Android SDK and NDK separately from Google.

  • I just downloaded Android SDK, NDK on Ubuntu and want to configure for Android Development but I got a warning.
    “Qt versions for architectures x86, arm, mips are missing”
    Here’s the screen snap:
    ! Versions Missing)!

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