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Qt 5.0.1 and Qt3D

  • Hi People,

    I would like use Qt3D but I doesn't compile this example:

    I have to make a simulations and I would like to use same way as the example above. Can somebody tell me a "step-by-step" how can I set a project with Qt3D?

    • which module have I to set in .pro file

    • which includes have I to use

    • etc...

    I am use currently Qt5.0.1.


    I would like make easier the question: how can I use the 3D support of Qt?


  • QGLView use QWindow now not QWidget.

    Most QT3D documentation online is out of date.


    Is the most up to date I could find, short of building the documentation yourself.

    You should also check the examples found in the repo.

  • Hi,

    I checked your examples, but I don't understand how can use those. Can you tell me, how make a very simple project with some exported cube model or something...

    I cloned the 3d from gitorious too, but the question: what is this?
    It is a sources which I have to compile and install into my Qt framework or only examples?


  • Yes, you probably read somewhere that QT3D was included in QT5.(or do you rely on a OS packet manager?)

    Anyway, examples and documentation for Opengl can be found in QTCreator I suggest you start there.

    Unfortunately the maintainers for the QT3D module got lost during the Nokia/Digia reshuffle and the project got left in the dust for now.

    So the addon was removed as an "essential".

    You can still try to build it though, if you are using windows get the installer marked OpenGL.

    Other builds uses a DirectX wrapper which is incompatible with QT3D and does not support core OpenGL specs.

    If all goes well you can just open QT3D.Pro in QTCreator and follow the instructions here.

  • Hi deus,

    I checked your links, thank you they was very helpful, I have a Qt3D library.

    I have one more question:
    I would like an application which have an build in 3D model on an QTabControl. How can I paste the 3D application on this object?
    I see the example "lander", but it use QGLView which based on QWindow so it realize a full separated window application.

    Have you some idea?


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