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Qt Creator with custom tool chains

  • Hello,

    We're running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS which came with GCC 4.4.3 out of the box.

    I've upgraded GCC to 4.7.2.

    In addition to x86 desktop targets, I want to support building through shadow builds if possible, with an additional target being to ARM.

    I've got the GCC cross compiler prepared and verified a simple hello world app on the device.

    We're running Qt Creator 4.8.4 commercial (trial) and I'd like to now configure these tool chains into the Creator IDE.

    How do we go about doing that in such a way that we can target x86 and ARM using the 4.7.2 GCC tool chain.

    Thank you...


    Michael Powell

  • One observation, at this stage of development, anything CMake is probably overkill. Very robust, but we don't need that right at this moment. Probably, qmake is not far behind that, as far as build-systems are concerned. If we must, great, but likely I want to keep it simple with PRO/PRI combinations? First steps are to build a simple (really simple) console app. Not far behind that hook up a simple (really simply) Qt UI.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    To build an application for arm, the first step is to cross-compile Qt for arm, then add that version to QtCreator known Qt version.

    "Cross compilation steps":

    After that it's a matter of having the need 3rd party libraries (if any) also compiled for arm.

    But for a simple hello world app validation, you can even do it from the command line using the qmake you just built.

    Hope it helps

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