Basic QQuickitem in a QQuickWindow

  • Hi guys,


    QGuiApplication app( argc, argv );

    QQuickWindow window;
    QQmlEngine engine;
    QQmlComponent component(&engine, QUrl::fromLocalFile(QLatin1String("qml/main.qml")));
    QQuickItem *item = qobject_cast<QQuickItem*>(component.create());
    qDebug() << item;;
    return app.exec()


    The following code wont run correctly.
    I get a blank window even though my qquickitem is an item that fills the parent and has a rectangle?

    An ideas?

  • Moderators

    AFAIK, you need the QQuickView.

    Another thing: use
    ::setProperty("parent", window.contentItem());

    For some reason, ::setParent() tends not to work.

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