Qt Creator is very slow with git repositories

  • I have a really big problem with the use of git + Qt-Creator + OS X. We recently moved from our SVN repository to git. The problem is, that Qt Creator is really slow with the new git repo. Especially when i am opening a source or header file. This makes the whole repo unusable, because I have to wait for about 10-15 seconds till the file is open in the editor.

    With SVN i don't have these problems.

    For Info:

    • I am using a Macbook Air 2011 with a 128GB SSD.
    • We are using Qt 5.0.1 and the Qt Creator version 2.6.2
    • We are using Bitbucket as our hosting platform for the git repository

    Thanks for your suggestions

  • it sounds really weird that opening a file, that is on disk already, should take longer based on which tool you use to copy that file...

    Exactly what are you doing, which steps are you taking to open a source or header file?

  • Just the basic steps:

    • open Qt Creator
    • select recent project
    • expand source/header Files in tree (takes 10 seconds)
    • open source/header file from tree (takes 10 seconds again)

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    Is this indeed related to git? Try disabling the git plugin (Qt Creator>About plugins on Mac IIRC) and see whether that makes it fast again.

    If this slowdown is indeed caused by git: Is git slow on the command line as well? Does git expect you to input something for some reason? Creator does run quite a few queries, so it will suffer if git is slow.

  • After disabling the Git plugin in Qt Creator it is still slow.
    On command line git isn't slow (Git pull takes 1.5 seconds to see if it is up to date).

    Interesting thing:
    *Finder is slow too in this git repository.
    *Opening and working with the subversion repo ist fast in Qt Creator.

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    If Creator is still slow without the git plugin, then it is something outside of creator.

    Do you have some other git-related software installed that might be causing it?

  • No just IDEs like Qt Creator and Intellij and Sourcetree as git client

  • Git (on windows) installs a plugin for your explorer, try uninstalling git and re-installing it making sure you do not add any plugins for explorer in the installer.

    I would also suggest cloning to a different dir or disk, to see if your windows gets less slow.

    It is important to understand that if you do not call the git executable, there is zero overhead. Or in other words, if you have a checkout made in svn or a checkout made in git, they are both just a set of files that explorer will not see any different. So if there is a speed difference between them, thats really really weird ;)

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